6-14 October 2017

The Garden

Naqsh Collective: Nisreen and Nirmeen Abu Dail

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About the Exhibition

Palm Tree (Nakhleh), Love Tree (Shajaret Hubb), Cypress Trees (Saru) are not only the names of motives of Palestinian embroidery, but also Nisreen and Nermeen’s stems of inspiration for this year's new collection. Planting few seeds of love and beauty in a simple collection of sculptures that you will get the chance to enjoy, take home and enrich your garden. Opening 7 October, 6 pm.

About Naqsh Collective

Naqsh Collective was founded in 2010 in Amman by Nisreen and Nermeen Abu Dail. Through creative traditional designs fine machine productions and delicate hand finishing they create and exhibit unique pieces of art. Their work reflects an oriental feel and integrates the beauty of a rich culture, art, architecture and heritage in a minimal modern look, combined with a high quality of neat local craftsmanship. The sisters are inspired by both contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics, shapes, meanings, and compositions.

Jabal Amman

19 Riyadh Al Mufleh Street, Jabal Amman