6-14 October 2017

It’s Time for Design in Amman

At a Glance

Amman is a young city of massive potential, with many untapped stories, talents and ambitions. As such, it holds a unique opportunity to become an oasis for creativity, presenting a critical cross-section of design in the region and highlighting the diversity of Jordan’s rich cultural tapestry.

With nearly 90,000 attendees and over 150 exhibitors and 50 participating spaces, Amman Design Week has become a hallmark event in Jordan and in the region.

Over the past two years, the event has brought local, regional, and international designers and innovators to Amman, and has provided free and open access to a series of large-scale curated exhibitions, student and community programs, workshops and talks, and city-wide cultural programs.

Conceived to be global from its inception, Amman Design Week adopted the ‘Design Week’ name in order to plug into a network of creative events around the world, while focusing its efforts on building and sustaining a local creative movement with social value.

Who are we?

The platform
We are a curatorial platform dedicated to building connections between designers and innovators in Jordan and the world. We research and develop learning programs and exchanges for local designers and create discourse that builds a design culture with social value. Our platform runs public programs, residencies, workshops, and events year-round, while also organizing Amman Design Week.

The event
Amman Design Week is an immersive experience in local and regional design and culture, supported by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Focused on creating a forum for learning, exchange and collaboration, this platform empowers designers through its comprehensive program of large-scale curated exhibitions, workshops, talks, and events. Amman Design Week will continue to run biennially, with the third edition expected to take place in October 2019. 

What do we do?

We support local.
We are dedicated to serving local design communities and celebrating Jordan’s diversity and cultural heritage.

We create connections.
We encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas, innovation, and aspirations in a global context.

We support learning and education.
We build knowledge and create growth opportunities through a year-long program with a nine-day focal point.

We work with communities and have a social impact.
We value conscious design and highlight design’s critical role in finding innovative solutions to build better communities and experiences.

Our Programs

Learning Programs
Our platform offers year-round learning opportunities that range from introductory level sessions for the general public to intensive learning experiences targeted at designers wishing to hone their skills.

Through long-term residencies, exchange programs, workshops, and a public program, our learning programs bring together local, regional, and international designers to showcase and develop new work, concepts, and ideas.

Community Outreach Programs
Working with marginalized communities in rural and urban areas across Jordan, we work to foster an inclusive creative economy, with emphasis on economic development of crafts communities, women empowerment, and preservation of cultural heritage and tourism.

We aim to continue working with the communities that we have supported and visited in previous years: Iraq Al Amir Women's Association, Ghor el Safi Women Association for Social Development, Kufranja Women’s Association, Ajloun Women’s Association, Northern Bayouda Association for Social Development, Microfund for Women, Northern Marka Women, Gaza Camp Woman, Madaba Women's Charity Association.

Student Programs
Building on recent partnerships and activities engaging schools and universities, we open up specialized events, career support, and learning opportunities to students. We invite local high-school and university students to partake in mentorship programs that results in a cross-disciplinary and cross-university student exhibition during Amman Design Week.

Our student program also includes organized school tours and work with community trainers who travel the country planting seeds at schools through the children’s programs.

City Interventions
Through our partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality, we engage in the revitalization and renovation of abandoned or underutilized spaces or neighborhoods in Amman, and create programs that engage designers in planning for their future.

We also invite audiences engage with design in the city through our tours program as well as our open spaces program which invites audiences to engage in independent programs also taking place during Amman Design Week at designer studios, concept stores, galleries, museums, and institutions.

Exhibitions & Events
Amman Design Week’s large-scale curated exhibitions invite local and regional designers to showcase original work, and offer an opportunity for exchange of ideas, approaches, and perspectives on design.

The nine-day event offers a holistic experience in design, with an adjacent cultural program of carefully curated cultural experiences in urban cuisine, music, and performance.